Choosing the right hosting plan for your needs can be a difficult task. We decided to put together a list of key factors to follow to help you narrow down your choice:



Speed in this context is how fast your website is going to load. It impacts user experience plus the SEO metrics of your website. Needless to say, you should aim for the fastest speeds that you can. When your hosting is affecting the website’s page load speed it’s time to consider changing the host.



Uptime is synonymous with stability in hosting. It’s an indicator of time when the connection to your server is unbroken. Alternatively, the website down period is known as downtime. In a perfect world, uptime would be 100%. However, the sub 99/98 percentages are considered superior. The uptime of top hosting companies is tracked real time.



Firstly, ensure that the hosting provides an SSL certificate, which is a must nowadays. We have covered SSL extensively in other posts. Secondly, understand how they combat brute force attacks, vulnerability scans, etc.  Thirdly, ensure that they can restore a hacked website. Even a single outdated plugin can open a vulnerability for hackers to use so prepare for the worst.



Additional features make the deal sweeter. It’s like getting coupon codes on your food delivery orders. A Testing or staging area is a commonly expected feature these days. Additionally, a caching feature is something that’s provided to make the site load faster. Above all, ensure that they provide all the essential features like cPanel, email features, website builders, etc.



Support means a lot of things. It doesn’t stop at extreme cases like your website being down. It includes anything from fixing login errors to updating a troublesome plugin. Specialty support, like WordPress specific support is a great thing to have if you’re in need. The level of help you are going to get from your hosting provider impacts your overall user experience.



Like all things, pricing has a role in choosing your hosting provider. You have to take into account the difference between signup costs and renewal costs. Hosting deals are usually cheaper during signup. However, some hosting companies charge you much more for renewals.