So you have good knowledge about something. So you have the intention of spreading the word about it. But is that enough? The virtual world is so huge that if you do not have the right technique, you will be lost. But you do not want that to happen to you. Hence, you must know the basics of getting traffic directed at your website. Whether you have to sell something from your website, or you run an informative blog. The real intention for either of them is to monetize and get hits. This can only happen if your website appears in the results of the search engines when someone tries to search about something related.

Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs

Of course, you will get traffic on your website only when it appears on the SERPs. But for that too, you need to have a good ranking to get yourself noticed. Having your website on the fourth or the fifth page is as useless as not having one. Not everyone is an avid searcher and goes beyond probably the second or the third page of the search engine.

So, to get into the good books of the search engines, you need to have good quality website. Search engines give preference to those websites that provide the most appropriate answer for search queries. And this is exactly where SEO or Search Engine Optimization comes in.

Strong Content

Many people will probably tell you that content is the key. Well, they are not entirely wrong. Having a good and strong content is having won most of the battle. There are other ways to optimize SEO too, but if the content is weak, they will prove to be temporary. So, you need is a combination of great content and other boosters.


Search engines analyze keywords and then position webpages. With the help of certain programs, prominently known as spiders, search engines categorize webpages according to keywords. So, to get the best result, include keywords smartly. Definitely include them in headings and especially the title. However, it is important to note that overusing of keywords may also result in search engines flagging your page as a spam.

Link your way up

This is a little tricky, but definitely an important aspect to get your webpage up. Link analysis is widely used in SERPs. This means that if your webpage link is present in other various webpages, you will probably make it up the ladder on SERPs. Suppose a webpage that is already in the higher ranks of SERPs consists of a link to your webpage, you automatically get bonus points.

Challenges with SEO

It has not been emphasized less that content is the king when it comes to SEO. However, people browsing the search results also wish to see some visuals. Some webpages might have great graphics and videos to offer, but the downside here is that the SEO spiders skip them out. The spiders could only focus on the content. This tends to use of techniques that fool the search engines to an extent. For instance, keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is actually a very common practice. You might see on webpages that the publisher has included keywords at the bottom of the page. Some publishers also turn the font color to match the backdrop to make the words invisible. Though they work in a short period of time, but not recommended in the long run. Page stuffing is another approach. However, these illegitimate techniques are successful only in the short run. Hence, they are not recommended.

Make it to the top with SEO

If you are new to this, the best way out is by hiring an SEO consultant. Making your webpage SEO friendly is a challenging task. Getting some professional help in the beginning is a great idea to skip all the demerits and negatives for once and all. Once your webpage starts getting the desired hits, you can take over yourself and get the hang of it eventually. The idea is to stay legitimate. While keyword stuffing and page stuffing might sound appealing, but in the end they only pull you down.