Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs

You will get organic traffic to your website only when it appears on the SERPs. But you need to have a good rank to get yourself noticed. Having your website on the fourth or the fifth page is as useless as not having a website at all. Most people don’t go beyond the second or third page when searching for something.

So to get organic traffic you need to have a website with quality content that is optimized for search engines to find it. This is where SEO or Search Engine Optimization comes in.


Strong Content

Many people will tell you that content is the key. Well, they are not entirely wrong. Having strong content is winning half the battle. There are other ways to do SEO too but if the content is weak, they will prove to be temporary. So,  what you need is a combination of great content and other boosters.



Search engines analyze keywords to position search results. With the help of certain programs, prominently known as spiders, search engines categorize webpages according to keywords. To get the best result, keywords need to be included in a smart manner. Definitely include them in headings and especially the title. However, it is important to note that overusing of keywords may also result in search engines flagging your page as a spam.





Link your way up

This is a little tricky but definitely an important aspect to get your rankings up. Link analysis is widely used by search engines. This means that if your webpage’s link is present on other webpages, you will move up in the ranks. Suppose a webpage that is ranking higher contains a link to your website – you automatically get bonus points.


Make it to the top with SEO

If you are new to this, the best way is hiring a SEO consultant. Making your webpage SEO friendly is a challenging task. Getting professional help in the beginning is a great idea to skip all the difficulties and wasted time. Once your webpage starts getting the desired hits, you can take over yourself and get the hang of it. The idea is to stay legitimate. While keyword stuffing buying backlinks might sound appealing, it could have a negative effect instead.