Heatmaps are something a lot of new marketers overlook. However, they play an important role in optimizing your ad revenue and landing pages. Using the help of a tool like Hotjar will give you incredible insight into the activity of your website visitors. And as we all know, data is the king of marketing.


What are heatmaps?

As the name implies, a heatmap is a map of your website that shows the “temperature” of pixel of your website. Temperature in this context means visitor activity. If your website contains a super interesting infographic that a lot of people read with interest, it will show up bright red on the map. This lets you see where your visitors are focusing and what areas are they missing completely.



Conclusions to be made

By looking at these maps we can make a lot of conclusions. For example, we can see if the areas that we are using for banners and ads are the same that are getting the visitor focus. If you notice that you have a banner on top of your page and all the visitors just skip past it and don’t even notice it – it’s time for a change. By pulling more attention to the banner area or moving it to a different place, you can greatly improve the chances of people clicking on it.

Another thing this reveals is how captivating your content is in general. By seeing that people are not interested in your content and just skip past most of it, you have cold hard evidence that your content… well… sucks. But hey, that happens to all of us. What’s important is that we now know this and are able to make fixes.