Larry Ellison is the billionaire from the US. He made his fortune from IBM and still making lots of money from his investments. Everyone calls him the samurai of Silicon Valley, and he is getting too much attention from Media. He loves to be in the spotlight of Silicon Valley events. He loves giving speeches and interviews for newbie entrepreneurs.

He shared with us the success rules, and it would be good to implement his ideas and work ethics into your business routine.

Discover your limits

Larry loves testing his limits. He has achieved lots of success in the tech world, and he is proud of it. Keep in mind that Larry is not only focused on Silicon Valley. He is an excellent sportsman and decided to help US sportsmen in any area for the Olympic Games.

Translate your ideas into good products

IBM is the most significant achievement for Larry. He thinks that in business, especially in the 21st century, ideas are worth nothing – execution is the real deal. If you don’t execute your ideas and translate them into good products, then those ideas are worth nothing.

Put the right people in the right positions.

Larry thinks that achieving success in business depends on the people you have in the company. Larry hires people who are very smart and good at their profession, so they do the best. When you hire professionals, you should give the only direction and let them do the actual work.

Don’t chase the money.

When you start a business, you should not focus on money. Money is just the gift from the business when you care about you. Don’t start a business, if you don’t have a passion for that niche and industry. Larry thinks that business fails when founders only chase the money and don’t think about reinvesting and putting money into the developing company.

Always DO MORE

You’ll have tons of competitions on the road to success. In 2018, you can’t see any business that has not dominant companies. Larry thinks that everyone who starts a business should work a lot. No matter what, you have to do more and do better things than your competitors.

Be Different

Being different is a must for billion dollar ideas. You can’t achieve success in any industry, without being different. Yes, we can’t invent a new type of the wheel, but it would be better to create something different than your competitors are offering. Just improve product or service, add new features and offers.

Be passionate

If you are not passionate, then you can’t achieve success in business. Achieving success is very hard, so it does not come to people who have no passion for industry or work. If you want to start a business, Larry thinks that you should focus on your strengths and passion.