Jeff Bezos the first man in the history of humankind who reached 100 billion dollars threshold. If you’ve been living in a cave for the last two decades, then we should talk more about Jeff Bezos as a persona.

Jeff Bezos is the founder of the most successful online shop, Amazon. In the late 90s, he started selling books and then decided to scale up the business and invest more In every industry around the globe. Today, Amazon is dominating the online world, and Jeff is the wealthiest man on earth. It’s always interesting to read or listen to Jeff’s interviews because he never disappoints. Let’s see his top 4 success rules.

Invest more in a product

Jeff believes that product always beats marketing. If you decide to market a bad product, you can make sales. People still love quality products and marketing can’t ruin their position. Yes, Jeff loves marketing but he thinks that it’s just better to invest in the quality of the product. Jeff feels that quality product would be a massive success without even serious marketing campaigns. As for the starter entrepreneurs, they should focus more on the quality of the product. If you are developing a new service or product, first concentrate on customer love – all the customers love quality products; the rest is on “mouth marketing.”

Follow your heart, not your head

When Jeff was starting Amazon, he asked borrowed money from parents. Without any evidence, he believed in the World Wide Web. That’s why you should follow your heart and passion. If you follow your heart and never give up on your vision, then the success is guaranteed. Jeff had no guarantee in the 90s; people still skeptically looked at the internet. As you see, Jeff followed his heart, because he never gave up and currently Amazon is the biggest online marketplace ever created.

Have no regrets

Do you believe that Amazon never fails? You are wrong. Amazon had lots of products that failed or never reached the financial goals of the year. Amazon is not an only online marketplace, but also Jeff’s team has invested in tons of products and services. Some of them were a terrific success, while some of the products crashed too hard on the ground. In one of his latest interviews, Jeff mentioned that he has no regrets. Business, as a life, is a learning curve, so you should not have any regrets. Past can’t be changed, so entrepreneurs must focus only on the present moment.

Focus on the customer

Amazon is very popular. Do you know why? Jeff’s team is working hard on satisfying customers. Ten years ago, no one could believe that you could get a product at home in just 1 hour after ordering. Today it’s possible thanks to Amazon, Jeff, and his hard-working team. Bezos s transforming the industry, and it’s happening in front of us. His belief in customer service is so strong that you could find only a few people around the globe who sued or said badly about Amazon’s customer support. Invest in quality of product and laser focus on customer service – both features would get your business on top of the industry.