Tim Ferriss is a very popular entrepreneur of 2018. He has inspired lots of young businessmen who changed the business industries. He is a New York Times bestseller author, and his books are sold around the globe. He is proud author of “4 Hour work week” and “tools of titans.” His latest book, “Tools of titans” contains thousands of real-life examples for achieving success. Tim Ferriss sold millions of copies and is trying to inspire newbie entrepreneurs while traveling the world.

We would love to share with you Tim’s top success rules.

1. Face the fear

Tim believes that if we face fear, we can achieve success in any industry. Fear is just subconscious lies taking you from your goals. In his latest book, Tools of Titans, Tim mentioned that if we face our fears, we will get our goals quickly. Tim sold 1.3 million copies of “4 hours work week,” and we all think that he is a natural born writer, but we are wrong. Tim was fearful about public speaking and writing. He changed his mindset and decided to face the fear. He started writing, and we see where he is at now. If you don’t face your fear, you can’t achieve your goals. Your conscious mind is telling you lies to make sure that you are in “comfort zone.” All the successes lie on another land where you can go only after you face and defeat fear

2. We are this moment – “Someday” won’t get you near to your goals

Tim Ferriss is a big believer of this moment and hustle. Ferriss thinks that we only have this moment, not the past or future. If you want to achieve something significant in life, then you should work on it now, you should not delay anything. Your future self would be happy if you start working on your goals in a present moment.

3. Focus only on your strengths

Successful people always rely on their strengths. If you don’t know yourself, then you can’t achieve success in life. The first step is to understand your self – strengths, and weaknesses. When you acknowledge the strengths, then you can start working towards your goals. Just hire people who are better than you at something and let them do the actual work, while you focus and work on your strengths. Without a self-awareness, we are nothing.

4. Ideas are worth nothing

You’ll see lots of motivational and inspirational movies with the subliminal message that “You only need one idea.” Keep in mind that ideas are worth nothing. Tim knows this better than anyone because he achieved success without any creative or life-changing ideas. We are not next Zuckerberg or Bill Gates; we are born in an era where it’s hard to think of a new industry or product. Just don’t think about the ideas, go and work for it. No one will be interested in your ideas, unless you work on them 24 hours a day, seven days a week.