The founder of Paypal, Elon Musk is the proud member of Forbes Billionaire’s list. He is a real star of American Dream Life. His life story is lovely, and people admire Elon for everything he has done for the US.

Elon Musk wanted an electronic money transfer system, so he designed and created Paypal. Today, Paypal is the most significant online money transfer system around the globe. Elon gave birth to this fantastic system, but soon, after four years, Elon sold Paypal for 1.5 Billion dollars. Ebay holdings, one of the biggest online marketplace, brought Paypal and made it more powerful. Elon got 1 billion dollars from that deal. He decided to give a try to new heights and goals, that’s when he founded Solar Panel, Tesla and SpaceX. All those three companies are very profitable today. All those three companies change the world to a better place.

Today we would love to share with you top success rules from Elon Musk.

1. Never Give Up

Elon Musk had lots of meltdowns in life. The last scandal happened just a few weeks ago when shareholders of Tesla Motors, decided to change the CEO of Tesla. They asked Elon to resign from his CEO position. Elon always positively looks at life. Musk believes that it’s good to make mistakes, without them, you can’t grow in personal or professional life. Remember that after each mistake, you’ve to come back stronger and try to reach your goals. Elon thinks that humans sometimes need step-backs, but it does not mean to give up.

2. Do what you love

I bet you have heard this statement for thousands of times. It’s a bit cliche, but it’s true. As you see, Elon is a big fan of this statement also. Musk loves his work. He could have a lavish lifestyle and not to work for a whole life after selling Paypal, but he can’t live without his work, that’s what we call a caring profession. He took even more responsibilities and went a far ahead in his work.

3. Take a Risk

No matter what’s happening around you, take a risk. Without taking risks, we can’t grow and get bigger in our profession. In his last interview, Elon mentioned that he success is all because of his bold and crazy risks in the past. After selling Paypal, he fully invested 1 Billion dollars in establishing three companies. Those three companies changed the industry, and now as you see, he is bigger than he could ever imagine.

4. Be a problem solver

You should be a problem solver because without that mentality you can’t go far in business. Elon is the problem solver, and he tries to solve planet earth problems. He has new exciting goals, and that’s why people admire him.

Elon Musk loves advising entrepreneurs, and his main advice is to be a problem solver or hire a problem solver. Your business success depends on the number of people you’ve solved the problem with your service or product.