From now on, HoomanResources.Com will present top rules of success by multi-millionaire and billionaire businessmen. As our first guest, we want to share with you rules of success by Gary Vaynerchuk.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a multi-millionaire investor. He has invested in Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. GaryVee is very popular on various social networks and he has a huge fan base on Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. Gary was one of the first persons on Twitter who reached 1 million followers. He’s running a youtube channel on a daily basis with various shows and gets very transparent about his online and offline businesses.

With his younger brother, he founded the most successful online marketing agency in New York and is trying to reach his first billion dollars to buy the New York Jets.


Positivity All the way


He’s a real fan of positivity and believes that practicing positivity delivers excellent results in business. In one of his podcasts shows Garyvee admitted that positivity always wins. No matter what you’re doing right now, be positive – that’s the message from Garyvee. Yes, Gary knows that there will tough times and lots of setbacks, especially in business, but don’t lose yourself and keep a positive attitude all the way.





That’s the most significant principle of Gary. He’s a true hustler and it’s visible in the show. He works 18 hours days and that’s been going on for more than two decades already. GaryVee believes that hustling will deliver your dreams sooner or later. If you believe in something then you should hustle for it.

A few months ago Gary decided to prove everyone wrong and started flipping cheap products from garage sales and he’s making quite good money on eBay with it now. Even though achieving the 100 million dollars threshold with his investments, he still wants to show people that even with little investment, anyone can make 2-5K on a monthly basis by flipping cheap things on eBay.




Create things you believe in


GaryVee thinks that everyone should follow their strengths. Yes, you might have a dream of playing for the NBA but if playing basketball and exercising for it every day is not one of your strengths then you should go for other things. He believes that entrepreneurs should rely on their strengths. If you know marketing then you should only care about marketing and not crafting a product or service. Just rely solely on your strengths and money will follow. If you’re still an NBA fan but only good at writing, then start blogging about NBA – that’s where you can win.