In the first part of this guide we talked about social media as a source of traffic. Yes, most of this social network traffic is free but you have to work hard to get a lot of traffic this way. Today we’ll share some alternative ways to get traffic to your website.


Lets’ start with search engines, because this traffic source is the most powerful




Google is the biggest search engine on the internet. It was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin back in the 20th century. Google became very popular soon after establishment. Today, Google owns lots of sub-companies that are very successful in their industries. For example, Youtube is owned by Google and you know that Youtube is the biggest streaming network in the world.





Traffic from Google is called “organic traffic.” Marketers say organic traffic because those people come to your website because they want to. Do you have a product/service/review/blog article about something that people are looking for? If so and you rank high on google, the traffic will come organically.

Organic traffic is good because they are ready to buy something from you. If your offer solves their problems and needs then you’ll get money from organic traffic. Social Media traffic is more focused on having fun. Social Media traffic ends up on your website because you told them so but organic traffic is already in “buying mode” before entering your site. That’s the difference between organic and SM traffic – organic visitors is already thinking about buying something from you to solve their problems.

It’s not easy to rank your website in Google. For example, if you are a lawyer based in New York and want to get clients from that area then you should be ready for war. It’s a war between you and your competitors – they will do everything to rank on the first page for your keywords. There are lots of factors involved in how the algorithm of Google works. We will try our best to cover Google’s new search algorithm in the next few days.



People are still confused with Reddit. Some call Reddit a social network, some people call it a forum. The only thing we know is that Reddit is a goldmine oftraffic. If you wish to test your product in front of a free audience then Reddit is a perfect place to start with.




Reddit is the fourth biggest website (regarding traffic) in the US. You can browse Reddit and find laser-targeted traffic for your offer in five minutes. There are tons of threads and communities on Reddit who have a genuine interest in their hobbies or profession so you’ve can use this as an excellent opportunity.

Reddit also has an ad system where you can promote your offer but to test waters it would be better to first promote your offer without paying.