If you are new to online marketing, this guideline is right for you. Even a pro at marketing could take few goldmine tips for their marketing campaigns.

World Wide Web reached new heights, and online marketing became very popular. It’s because lots of online businesses reached millions of dollars in sales in just a few minutes, so they decided to invest more in the World Wide Web. To get lots of sales, you’ll need a website where you can put your product or service (offer), but it needs traffic (laser-targeted) to get sales.

There are lots of sources of traffic, but in this guideline, we would cover only giant players on the market.

Social Media

It’s the biggest sources of traffic itself because billions of people use the social network on a daily basis. We live and breathe with social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. Social Networks such as Facebook reached billions of dollars a few years ago, which means that it has huge opportunities for your online marketing campaigns.

  1. Facebook – Mark’s company is very popular regarding online marketing. You can run ads on Facebook and get huge ROI (Return on investment). It’s very popular and viral because you have a chance to A/B test various ads placements. The biggest social network is not only limited to paid ads – you can run your campaigns without spending a penny. You can join niche related groups and promote a product with this strategy. As you see, Facebook has endless opportunities for entrepreneurs, so it would be good for a newbie to focus on free campaigns at first and then concentrate on Paid Ads

  2. Instagram – This app was just a few months old when Facebook brought it for 1 billion dollars. Yes, you read it correctly: Facebook paid 1 Billion dollars for only six months old app. Is it crazy? NO, because Instagram is very popular in the US and around the globe. Instagram is very popular for luxury and travel niches. You can get unlimited customers from Instagram promotion – either you invest in Instagram Ads or go for influencers. Those are the people who own huge follower base on Instagram and can promote your product/service on their page. You need to test first- the first test which type of Instagram marketing works for you and then scale it up.
  3. Pinterest – it’s a trendy app in the United States. US Women above 30 love Pinterest and niches such as weight loss, recipes, and fashion. If your business/services are in these niches, then you should go for Pinterest. Just like Facebook, Pinterest has its own ads system with which you can run Ads to super targeted customers and get sales. If you are tight with the budget, then you have to go for free option – Pinterest Group Boards. You can drive thousands of targeted Pinterest users straight to your blog/offer. First, you have to test whether the free option is working for your product or not and then decide if it’s worth to try Paid Ads.