In previous parts of this guideline, we talked about choosing the right product on Clickbank and promoting it with Facebook Groups. Today we would love to go deeper and cover all other marketing strategies you can use for product promotion.


1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


SEO is definitely the best strategy for promoting your product. Keep in mind that SEO will be your key to passive income after you achieve a good rank in Google. Let’s explain everything in details – you’ll need to find relevant keywords for your product (You can ask Clickbank vendor for keywords – most of the vendors are happy to share all the materials related to their product). Register a domain and  get hosting. Install WordPress (It’s the most popular content management system, especially for newbie marketers). When you have a website ready,  you need content which is fully focused on your product and optimized with the keywords you want to rank with in search engines (Google, Bing, etc.).


1.2 How to find a writer


You can find lots of writers on freelance portals and test them. Order three articles from various writers and you’ll probably find at least one quality writer. Then you can order the articles from him/her. Now that you have some articles on the website, keep in mind that that’s not enough to rank for your keywords. It’s time to start link building (It’s called Off-page SEO).


1.3 Link Building – Off-Page SEO


Google loves “guest posts,” so you have to find high-quality websites in your niche and contact them. Ask them if they accept guest posts and if you can include a backlink to your website in that article. You can find thousands of websites in your niche/industry and most of them would be happy to approve a guest post. That’s the most powerful backlink you can ever have in the eyes of the Google algorithms. As you get backlinks from authority websites, you’ll see your website ranking for specific keywords.


2. Niche relevant forums


Real marketers know that forums are also potent sources of traffic. You should find niche related forums and join them. You can use proxies and create a few accounts to make your work faster and more effective. For example, you can create ten users on each forum and start posting. You should not promote your website or product from the first day as it would be labeled as spam.

Let the accounts age and get some authority from random/basic posts. After a week (as the accounts are aged and have trust from moderators) you can start promoting your product. With one account ask forum members a question about your niche and with your second account you can answer your first account’s question and thus promote your product. But remember to be subtle so it isn’t too obvious.