Today we want to talk about Clickbank and about the opportunities it brings to get you financial freedom. First, let’s dive deeper and talk about what Clickbank is.


Basic Review of Clickbank System


Clickbank is an affiliate program where a lot of digital products are offered. People with digital products go to Clickbank to get affiliates and have their marketing done for them. Today we look at Clickbank from an affiliate’s view. If you want to step into the affiliate industry, Clickbank is a nice place to start. Why do people love Clickbank? It’s a free system and unlike other private programs, you can start promoting products without approval. You can promote any product you see in the marketplace from day one and that’s the beauty of Clickbank. Clickbank’s competitors such as a Peerfly, Maxbounty and others require them to approve your account. They ask for proof of past affiliate earnings, a Skype or mobile interview, etc and it’s hard to get approved with them. Clickbank gives you a chance to start promoting products even if you’re new to the game.


How to find a profitable product on Clickbank?


It’s not an easy question because if a digital product is profitable for someone, you may still fail with it. Everything depends on your source of traffic and willingness to learn from mistakes. The affiliate industry is just like life – if you are ready to learn from the past or other’s mistakes, you’ll find success. Profitability mostly depends on getting traffic but there are still rules of thumb that you should follow when choosing a product.





1. Choose a niche you love


If you’re promoting a product that you love, you’ll get better ideas to promote it. It’s always easier to talk about something that you know and love. You also get the perspective of the buyer as you know what they’re looking for.


2. Choose a product with a low gravity


While choosing a Clickbank products it’s important to look at products from the perspective of ‘gravity’. When you choose a category on the marketplace. we recommend sorting products by gravity. The gravity of a product shows the success and profitability of the product. You may think that higher gravity means higher chances of winning, right? That’s wrong. Higher gravity means that there is a lot of competition and if you’re a newbie you should stay away from that product. For newbie marketers it’s better to choose products with average gravity – less competition and a higher chance to dominate that product.


3. Choose a product with a responsive vendor


You should first  test the vendor (creator of the product). Choose ten products in your niche and send those vendors emails about your future goals, ways of promotion and ask for help. If the vendor is responsive and helpful (he/she replied to your email and gave you a free copy of the product, banners, keywords, etc.)  then you should promote that product.