In part one we have talked about Pinterest as a source of traffic. Everything in business comes down to money so you probably have the following question – how to get money from Pinterest traffic? – Today we’ll share a few ways of monetization.



Adsense – Adsense is a good place to start earning money from your traffic. Pinterest traffic is coming to your website to read about specific things that they’re interested in. Adsense can be set up to show contextual ads. So if you put 1 and 1 together, you get people seeing ads about something that they’re interested in. This increases your chances of them clicking on the ads and you pocketing some money.



Clickbank – Same goes for Clickbank. If you choose Clickbank products that are related to your niche, the readers are far more likely to click on the ads and buy something. Combined with the high payouts of Clickbank, this is a powerful way to earn some serious cash.



Amazon affiliate program – Amazon works in a similar fashion. You can pick any product from Amazon and advertise it on your website. You lose out on the fact that Amazon commissions are quite low but the flipside is that you get commission for every product that the visitor buys after clicking your link.