In part first, we have talked about Pinterest as a source of traffic. Everything in business comes down to money and transactions. So, you have the following question – We get the traffic from Pinterest, but how can we get money from Pinterest traffic? – Today I’ll share with you a few ways of monetization.

Adsense – If you are newbie into the online marketing world, then Adsense is the best way to start earning money. To be honest, Pinterest traffic is perfect for Adsense. Adsense is the ads system offered from Google, and you would like the payment because Adsense is converting better than other programs. Google has two advert systems – Adwords and Adsense. Adword is the system where you can place an ad and Adwords is the system with which you can place Google Ad on your blog. To be honest, HoomanResources.Com has a great strategy to built Adsense blog, and it’s just for 25$;

Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is a very popular system to earn money. If you don’t have a product or a service, then you can promote products and services of other people. You will get a high commission if you go for private affiliate systems such as Clickbank, Maxbounty, Peerfly, etc.

Clickbank – It’s an affiliate system that can deliver high commissions for you. If you are ready to learn Pinterest marketing, then you should try Clickbank. You are offered high payouts from each sale. There are few insider secrets about choosing a good product from Clickbank. First of all, you should know the niche of your Pinterest traffic. If you are in weight loss/fitness niche, then you should choose Clickbank products from Fitness category. Clickbank has lots of exciting and attractive products. You should look for products with a gravity higher than 10. Products that have lower gravity are not converting good, so they are not newbie friendly for promoting.

Amazon affiliate program – I bet you know Jeff Bezos. He is the billionaire and the richest man around the globe. He is the founder of, the biggest online shopping website ever created. We know that people trust and love Amazon, it’s customer service and delivery time. Amazon is reaching new heights on a daily basis, so the popularity of Amazon is raising. We will use the brand Amazon for our marketing goals. If we take fitness as an example niche, then we have to find fitness related products on Amazon.

The only negative thing about Amazon is that you can only earn from 6-10 percent from each sale. For example, if you’ve sold a 100$ product, then you’ll get from 6-10%. If you are a newbie, then it’s a really good start. If you want more, then you should go for Clickbank and Adsense. Yes, Amazon has trust from buyers, but you’ll a lot more with other affiliates such as Clickbank. If you don’t know where to start or how to create a website, then we have a really good offer for you – Clickbank and Adsense blogs only for 25$