Are you looking for another stream of income? Do you want to earn X.XXX$ every month in a passive mode? Then congratulations, you’ve come to a right place. First of all, I should mention that I’m a professional Pinterester. Yes, I’m a guy who lives, breathes and sleeps with Pinterest. I’m a professional who did 100.000$ with Pinterest traffic in 2017. If you still doubt my knowledge of Pinterest, then you should need to read this article. I’ll share my few inside twists only for the readers of HoomanResources.Com.

First, we have to understand one thing – Pinterest is a social network and has no any option to earn money directly. You can just log into your Pinterest account and see the earnings or payments. Pinterest is the source of traffic. Pinterest users will come to your blog, to your landing page or webshop and they will read, buy or dislike your content. Pinterest is not as huge as Reddit in terms of monthly traffic (users), but Pinterest is very niche based. Pinterest users are spending more every year than any other social network users.

Last year, there was an official report stating that up to 60% of Pinterest users are females. They are well-educated and have high-paying jobs. As a marketer and full-time Pinterester, I say that Pinterest, regarding female niches, is a goldmine.

Using Pinterest as a Traffic Source

As we have explained above, Pinterest is an excellent source of traffic. Above reports state that most Pinterest users are women above 30, and that’s very attractive information for Marketers. We need to find a good product for women above 30 and monetize with Pinterest traffic. Before we head to choosing the right product, let’s first understand how we can get Pinterest traffic.

To get massive Pinterest traffic to your blog, there are two ways – Paid and Free.

Paid Strategy – That’s the time when Pinterest Ads comes into the play. Each pin (image, external article or internal article) has more than 1 million searches. For example, if you search for “online marketing” on Pinterest Ads system, you would see that keyword has up to 5 million searches per month thought Pinterest app. When it comes to converting high paying products, Pinterest traffic is indeed the best. If you don’t have access to boards with huge followers, then there is only one way to get Pinterest Traffic – Paid Ads. Keep in mind that you should be ready for spending XXX$ to get a good understanding of Pinterest users behavior.

Free Strategy -If you don’t have enough money to invest in the advertisement, then you should go for free strategy. Free strategy means accessing group boards with massive followers. You can get search for boards through Pinterest and ask board owners for approval. Each group board owner has included email in the group board itself, so you should email them and ask for authorization as a contributor. Tell them that you’ll contribute fantastic content. As you get approval, then you can start Pinning (adding your content to board), and magic will happen – you’ll see huge amount of traffic from the first days of pinning.