Ever see bloggers and other non-celebrities with thousands or millions of followers? Well, the chances are that they have worked really hard to get that following. However, there are many illegitimate ways of getting Instagram followers too but they are pretty much as useless as having none. These followers won’t interact with your posts. You’ll be left with thousands of followers but no likes on your posts and 10 or 15 viewers on your story. Who wants that? There’s no benefit to get from this.

It’s not impossible to reach thousands of followers in a legit way. The key is to work hard and smart and have patience. They say, the initial time for anything new is crucial. It’s the same case with Instagram followers. To get to the mark of ten thousand is the trickiest. The comes more naturally after you have achieved that mark. It might be hard, but it is not impossible to get ten thousand genuine followers.


Do what you are best at and stick to your theme

If you want genuine followers, you need to be genuine yourself. Don’t simply follow the trend. Instead, make your own trend. If you copy, you will eventually lose out on your audience. So, if you’re a fashion blogger, display your favorite styles. Make people look at you not think about where you get inspiration from.


Post, post, and post

There is no easy way out. Unless you keep on posting, you are not going to get any followers. Who would want to follow a dead account anyway? If you ask any of the successful Instagram influencers, they will give you the same advice. The key is to post and let people see your presence on the app. Also, make your posts look good. Use filters and Photoshop. People tend to like the nicer visuals.


Create engaging content

Apart from spectacular pictures and graphics, it’s also important to have engaging content. Connect with your audience and they will stay connected with you. Play the host! Hold contests and ask your audience to contribute. The ways are endless but getting them to participate will always lead to an increase in the number of followers.


Hashtags all the way

You might have read several blogs that say too many hashtags don’t help, but instead overcrowd the post. It’s not exactly true. With recent changes in Instagram that allow users to follow hashtags, it’s become all the more important to have hashtags. If you don’t want to crowd all your posts, there’s cheat code here. Add all the hashtags in only some of your posts. This way, if someone follows a particular hashtag, they will be led to your Instagram page. Ultimately, this will lead to a lot of traffic to your page and many will definitely convert into followers  if your content is good.


Partner up with an influencer

Influencers tend to have a huge and loyal fan base. Their followers are genuine and truly engaged in their posts. So, why not partner up with them? Ask them to either to take over your account for a day or two or get them to do a shoutout for you. It works both ways.


Follow people who follow your competition

This needs some serious research before doing. Take a paper and a pen and sit. List out all other Instagram accounts that are your competition. Now, one by one, see their posts and follow people who comment and like their posts. Since you are new to Instagram, don’t target celebrities. Instead, go for people who started a year or so before you. It’s possible that they don’t have that much of follower-loyalty. You can take advantage of that and gain a following for yourself. The idea is to target the right audience. People who will be genuinely interested in what you have to offer.