The Easy Website Flipper Method

Understand and master the dynamics of selling websites online



Congratulations on taking your first step towards becoming a professional website flipper!

In this course you will learn the methods, tweaks and the necessary skills to be able to flip websites for a living.
The methods and resources that this course is based on have been slowly acquired through trial and error, intense studying and extensive research to find the best method as well as the necessary skills  to be able to profit as much as possible.


There’s 2 ways you can run this type of business.

  1. Do all the work yourself (High profit margin)
  2. Outsource everything (Good profit margin)


With the info provided, you can mix it up and outsource some parts or all of them. We will provide links and contact info of freelancers that we have a good experiences with so you don’t have to filter through the sea of freelancers on your own.


All in all, we believe that this course will teach you how to make as much money as you want to. It’s highly scalable and it will be completely up to you how much work you want to put into it and how much you want to earn with it. With the extensive knowledge acquired through this course, you will have the freedom to easily make money by flipping websites whenever you want to. Be it full time, part time or occasionally, it’s entirely up to you!

So what can you earn from this?

It will depend on your selling skills and how much you are willing to work. But i’ll do some basic math for you to see what can be easily achieved:


Selling price:

Let’s say that we sell the sites for $79


Flippa listing fee + success fee (based on $79 selling price): $19 + $15.80
Website Creation: $7
Hosting and domain: $12

Total: $53.80


$79 – $53.80 = $25.20

This means that for every site you sell, you will profit at least $25.20.

You can easily sell several websites per day and many sites will sell for more than $79. So as you can see, the road to the magic $100/day is quite easily achievable with this method!



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