Affiliate programs are an agreement between a company that’s selling products or services and an affiliate that markets their products. This agreement can come in various formats:

  • The merchant pays commission to the affiliate for traffic
  • The merchant pays commission to the affiliate for each sale
  • The merchant pays for each lead that the affiliate brings in


The trendsetters


It comes as no surprise that the trend of affiliate marketing was set by Amazon. Amazon started the rage of affiliate marketing on the internet. It’s the brainchild of the founder Jeff Bezos. They offer the affiliates a percentage of the profit from each sale that they generate. Amazon is still the most popular affiliate program today.


High Paying Affiliate Programs

If you’re good at it, you can earn well from affiliate programs like these. The following networks offer the best and highest paying affiliate deals.


Amazon Associates


As a trendsetter, Amazon tops the list. Jeff (the founder of AMZ) started by selling books but now affiliate programs are valid for all products that are listed on Amazon. You can choose any niche and start earning. You won’t be getting the highest commissions on the market but it’s perfect for a beginner as Amazon has the trust of buyers and offers such a wide variety of products. When you promote Amazon products, people buy without even thinking about it.

 iTunes Affiliates


Apple has a massive market around the globe. From music to game apps, iTunes offers a wide range of entertainment to its users. So, if you think of a niche, chances are it will be covered by Itunes. If someone purchases an app through your link, the commission you earn doesn’t stop here. If the user does in-app purchases, you get some for that action too.

eBay’s Partner Network


Ebay is an easy system – the seller uploads the product and the buyer bids. Is there any scope for a commission? Well, eBay also offers online store type of sales. Hence, affiliates can earn through the sale of these products. Apart from a good commission from each product sale, members also receive double commission for every new buyer.


One of the most successful affiliate programs is provided by Stable payments and a wide range of services, this ever-evolving affiliate program is a must try. It is highly recommended by those who have been in this line of work for a long time.



This might be difficult to get into, but once you do, it’s good going.  It’s an exclusive and a high paying affiliate program. However, not every affiliate marketer can get in this program, especially the beginners. Peerfly Moderators and support team check every marketer thoroughly before giving them the opportunity to use their platform.



The above mentioned are the top five affiliate programs to start with. They’re reliable and can provide a stable source of income.