, a name we all know and trust, once again brought consumers a powerful and easy-to-use Web development solution with their v7 website builder. This software is intended for those who do not have technical knowledge, and you can actually have a site fully operational on the rails in no time. We were pleasantly surprised by testing their site development technology and discovered that GoDaddy not only facilitates site construction, but also provides the tools that make a site really attractive, with a high operational level. GoDaddy’s software has recently made great strides from an outdated tool of little interest to a first-rate solution.

What is good when you build a site with GoDaddy is that they concentrate all the Internet and website resources you need in one place. This includes options not only to expand your site, but also to host, configure, update, and even promote.

Website Development Functions

Godaddy’s website builder allows you to easily do things your way. For those who want to launch their site quickly and easily, with as much help as possible, you can simply choose a theme from their beautiful collection of templates, and publish your site with pre-filled content including images, text, page titles and navigation. From there, you can edit and customize all the elements you want with their simple editor.

If you want a little more control, you can start developing your site from a bare model and gradually add content. This gives you a better control of the structure and content published on your site. And for real technicians / designers, GoDaddy makes it easy to create your website from HTML / CSS codes!

All customers have a wide variety of options, including the ability to add images, animations and music. All colors, fonts, styles can be changed at the click of a mouse.

Price questions

GoDaddy offers a choice of three different plans according to your needs. Each plan offers different levels of hosting space and bandwidth. The Business Pack is the most popular and includes access to 300 professional and personal themes, 10 GB of space, 500 GB of bandwidth, 5 professional email addresses and mobile-friendly design.