Internet is a place with endless opportunities. There is something for everyone out there. Undoubtedly, one of the most stable ways of earning a few extra bucks online is by the way of filling out surveys. There are many websites that offer money for filling out survey forms online. All you need to do is login, fill in a survey form and submit. On successful submission of a form, you get paid. Once can make a side income out of this by spending merely one to two hours a day.

Earning Online with paid surveys

Everyone has access to a device with internet these days. Also, many people have some spare time too in their entire day. Why not make it productive? By enrolling on websites that offer paid surveys online, you get to spend your time in a productive way and reap some money out of it. While you cannot become a millionaire with it, but having some extra bucks to spend or save is always a good idea.

May be you are saving for a gift someone special’s birthday, or have taken rounds of the market to get that dress you saw on the window display. This is just the perfect way to make your small wishes come true by giving out some time from your entire day. The best part is, most of these paid survey websites are free to join.

Best websites for online paid surveys


Free to join and register, by joining MySurvey you get to be a part of a big community where people offer to be a part of the consumer research team. This majorly includes online surveys, and sometimes also product tests. So, members get rewarded for their opinion. The rewards are in the form of points. Once a certain amount of points are earned, they can be redeemed against many available options. You can choose to redeem them against products, or get certificates and vouchers for PayPal and Amazon.

Global Test Market

The unbeatable leader in the paid survey market. Join for free and be a part of a community that is huge. Earn rewards against each survey you fill out. The best part is, while filling up the surveys, you also get to know about things and products that are there but you never heard about them. Becoming a member is easy. All you need to do is fill out a form and verify your attached email. The registration form is designed as such that it makes it easier for the portal to filter out surveys best suited for you. Same as MySurvey, you can redeem your points against brands like Amazon, PayPal, Macy’s, and Kohl’s.

Univox Community

Univox is the best in the market for online paid surveys. All you need to do is register and start giving your opinions and reviews on products you use. They have mobile apps for both Android and iOS. The latest offer Univox is offering is $2 for registering and joining the panel. The more reward points you earn, the more you can redeem them for. Pick from the available options to redeem – Amazon, PayPal, or Virtual Master Card. The choice is yours and so are the rewards.

Apart from the above, there are many other online paid survey websites available. You need to do a simple google research for that. If the above mentioned survey websites do not work for you, you can always go for others. But be careful while signing up for them. Do not get fooled by websites asking for a registration fee or your bank details before you even start earning.

If surveys are not your style, you may also opt for pay per click. In such websites, on registering, you will regularly receive mails where you will be paid for clicking on the links given. Though the amount might be a few cents for a click, but if you spend some amount of time every day, it can add up to a few dollars.

So, go ahead and make your pick. Earn some extra bucks on the go and in your free time, at your convenience from anywhere!