If you are a newbie to online marketing, then Affiliate program could be the best way to start earning money. What is an affiliate you may ask: it’s a system where you promote other’s products and services and get high payouts after each sale. Affiliate marketing is a very popular system in 2018, as there are more and more products/services on a daily basis to promote and get paid for it.

As for the newbie, there are two most popular and relevant affiliate programs. One is called Clickbank – it’s the massive marketplace of digital products, and you can promote them endlessly. The second is owned by Amazon. Amazon’s affiliate program is also viral but with lower commissions from each sale than Clickbank.

If you decide to establish a Clickbank affiliate website, then we have an excellent offer for you.

Clickbank – Biggest Affiliate Program ever created

Clickbank is the pool of top-rated digital products. You don’t have to own any product or service; you have to promote others products and get commissions from each sale. Clickbank is very popular because you are getting huge payouts from each sale – for example, if the digital product is sold for 30$, you will get around 21$ from that. As you see, Clickbank offers high commission, so you only need to find clients and sell those products to them.

How to choose a product on Clickbank

Lots of affiliate programs are private, and newbie can’t get approved there. Clickbank is different – they opened doors for everyone, so you have access to the massive marketplace of digital products and services from the first day. You are getting a unique tracking ID so that you could see the statistics for each product.

When you log into your Clickbank account, look at the menu and click on the marketplace. You would see lots of categories, and it’s better to choose products from your passion niche. Think of your passion and understand what’s the type of business it could be included. Then head to that category on Clickbank and find the relevant product.

Don’t go for high gravity (gravity is the level of product’s competitiveness – if it has high gravity (more than 20) then you should not choose it, as there is huge competition and you may lose your investments easily. It would better to start with low gravity digital products and thoroughly understand the system of Clickbank.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon is very popular online marketplaces where you find any product you wish. They have created an affiliate system so that it could be easy to promote products and earn some money from each sale. Keep in mind that Amazon has the same tracking system as Clickbank – you get a unique tracking code for each product and can tweak code for your testing the ROI of your campaigns.

Why could Clickbank be better than Amazon affiliate program? The answer is simple: Higher payouts. If you sell 30$ product from Clickbank, you can get 21$ from each sale, while on Amazon you can only get 6-8% – up to 3$ from selling 30$ product;