With a name like this, you ought to be taken aback. FatCow might sound weird, but the fact is, this hosting company has been here from the very beginning of the internet era. Launched in 1998, it is one of the easiest to use web hosting service ever.

FatCow is user friendly

Easy to navigate and setup, web hosting by FatCow is targeted at people who are just about to begin their journey online. Small businesses and technical newbies will find it easy to use. And that is their motto, to give simplified web hosting solutions at affordable prices. A first time blogger, a small business entrepreneur, or a transfer from wordpress, FatCow is the answer to your question.

Affordable and likeable

Even if you cut down the price factor, FatCow wins because of the simplicity. If you get no technical hassles and easy navigation, you do not even mind paying the price. However, if you get a both the benefits of a cheap web hosting and user friendly interface, why not opt for it?

The other advantage of having a FatCow domain is that if you began with wordpress, then you can easily integrate it with FatCow domain. So, there is no stopping you from moving on from a wordpress to your very own ‘.com’.

Plans on offer

FatCow has two plans to offer its users. One is the Original FatCow Plan, and the other one is the MiniMoo. MiniMoo gives you just the domain and an e-mail address. The Original FatCow Plan, on the other hand, gives full service and everything you require for a full-fledged website.

Customer Service

FatCow’s customer service is commendable. They give a 30-day money back guarantee to their new clients. To their existing clients, they are always available at their disposal. Also, they give free transfer of domain if the clients demand.

All in all, FatCow is the best basic host you can ask for. If you are just starting and this has to be your first ever website, then blindly go for FatCow’s webhosting services. With FatCow’s technical support, your online presence can reach new heights.