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Step #1

Get a fresh hosting plan and a FREE domain with one of the below providers. The cheapest plan will be more than enough if you are ordering one website.

The Godaddy ‘Economy Plan’ is only $12 for one year, with a FREE domain included!

Get it HERE and remember to register the free domain you want!

Step #2

Niche selection

When selecting a niche you should pick one with high CPC (cost per click).
This will earn you the most from your targeted traffic.

Here is a list of the most popular and highest CPC niches





Cars / Vehicles / Automobile



Internet Marketing and Advertising



Personal Finance


b3lineicon|b3icon-health-cross||Health Cross

Health and Fitness



Forex and crypto currency



Mortgages and Property Care



Home and Garden Care



Law Practices and Damage Compensation

Personal injury/car accident/work accident etc


Databases & Management



Online courses and Teaching



Loans and credit

Payday loans, student loans, personal loans etc


Technology and gadgets


Domain name suggestion:

When you have found your desired niche, you need a domain name that fits your niche.
Select one that is available and is relevant to your niche. It does not have to be perfect as long
as it’s somewhat relevant.

Step #3

Make payment to one of the below options

$25 per website

Send to the email:

Step #4

Complete the order by sending me your details here

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Step #5

Check your email for the order confirmation and more info.

Once your site is ready, we will send you all details to the contact email you registered in the form above.