Clickbank is a top-rated affiliate program with high payouts. If you are a newbie online marketer, then the affiliate system is the right direction for you and Clickbank could be a good start. You don’t need approval, so right after registration, you can start promoting affiliate products.

In the first part of the guideline, we talked about choosing right affiliate product from Clickbank. Today we would love to share with you free sources of traffic where you can promote Clickbank products.

Free traffic would be a good start for newbie marketers. So today we will cover various platforms where you can get free traffic for your Clickbank affiliate products. Remember all the rules mentioned in the first part of the guideline, because without putting the right product in front of the right customer, you won’t get good results.

Facebook Groups

A few years ago Facebook reached 1 billion users threshold. That means you have the opportunity to put your affiliate product in front of millions of targeted users. First, you choose a product and have deep research about it. You can even ask the vendor (product creator) to show you a sample of the digital product, send you email samples, articles, etc. Most of the product vendors would be happy to share with you ready-made articles. You can read more about the products, and you’ll get tons of ideas related to that product.

If you have a facebook account, then we can use it for promotion, but if you don’t have, then it’s a must to create it because Facebook is a mine full of gold. Facebook has a very advanced search option, where you can search only for groups or popular pages. If you choose a product which covers everything about how to quit smoking, then you can search for Facebook groups related to this niche. It won’t be good to promote your product in general groups which don’t have an exact niche and category. Just search for groups where people try to quit smoking and share support.

Don’t start promoting from a very first day. On the first day, you can introduce yourself and say that you are also fighting against smoking as an addiction. Tell them your “story” and say that you are testing a fascinating product.

Let the account rest a bit, become a regular poster and support others to share their stories. After you get authority in that group, then you can share your “secret” and “exciting” product and say that the results are excellent. You can even share a little part from a digital product (Ebook or guideline) so that people believe in you.

Authority means trust and belief. You need authority in the eyes of group members. Join the groups and become a part of the community. Ask questions, be bold and tell your personal stories – be very kind and support others. Step by step, you will reach high authority in the group, so then you can promote your product and people will believe in you.