There’s a lot of talk about things that successful people do. How about what they don’t do? Here’s a pick of 4 things that you should avoid to be more successful


Setting unrealistic goals

Setting goals that are too broad or unrealistic is just setting yourself up for failure. Instead, set goals that are easily measurable and that you know are humanly possible to achieve.


Working too much

Working 18 hours a day is something that people do to survive. However, if you’re looking to build something great and really need to utilize your brain to do it, don’t work that much. Getting rest is not just something that our body needs, our minds need it too. By not letting your brain rest, you might be missing out on great ideas.


Sleeping the day away

Another extreme is sleeping too much, especially during the day. Business hours are when all the action happens. If you choose to sleep the day way, you might be missing out on working with all the people who don’t. Nobody will wait for you while you sleep, the show goes on.


Ignoring advice

Taking advice from other people is nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes we have to let our egos go and accept that somebody else might know better. Using other people’s knowledge and learning from their mistakes instead of your own can save you a lot of grief.